Find My Sisig!

Lemme get that burrito! 🌯

Señor Sisig is a San Francisco restaurant that serves ridiculously delicious Filipino style street food.

When I started this project back in 2014, Señor Sisig used to only operate with 2-3 food trucks whose times and locations varied each week. Their website for finding the locations used to be considerably bloated, pulling down ~20MB of delicious burrito photos on each page load.

If you were an ambitious, security-conscious, Android+Linux technophile who resisted browser cache and history like I was; this became a needlessly-expensive meal when lost downtown and running on a metered mobile Internet connection.

I created a simple NodeJS app that scraped the sisig website and reported a simple text page with the dates and times!

2020-10-15: COVID-19 QUARANTINE UPDATE! Reviving this to find those food trucks! They’re still out there!