Dev Environment Setup

Dev Environment

Finally getting around to setting up my dotfiles and really learning how to use vim, zsh, stow, and all the tools. Going to jot down some notes for reference.

Also, I must shamefully point out that I wrote this in VS Code with the really handy markdown viewer! Maybe this could be a good first dive into editing with emacs! … soon™️


Not sure I have any concrete understanding yet. Just consumed some learnings about different popular options and stuff from a comparison of ZSH frameworks and /r/unixporn mod xero. I settled on zinit (formerly zplugin) and will try to learn more about how plugin managers work.

Git and SSH configs

Finally got around to setting up a USABLE .gitconfig .ssh/config. I always want to have multiple identity files (for personal, work, and student use), but never spent time looking into how to go about it. You can find them in my dotfiles repo.


Seeing that GNU stow seems recommended by my buddy Girdler and xero, so I figure I’ll give it a shot.

stow -d Repos/dotfiles -t . git ssh zsh

Straightforward example of how to use stow

pass and pass-2fa



Considering paying for a 6-month Vim Adventures license

Reddit also mentions the following:


Also, Girdler has been a strong advocate for Doom Emacs and helped me get it set up on my machines.




Haven’t gotten around to configuring it, but iTerm2 has native tmux integration

VS Code (VS Codium)

While I am trying to ween myself off of GUIs, I can’t help but shake VS Code. I use the flavor VSCodium that strips out the Microsoft telemetry.

MacOS software

Much like everything there a plethora of terminal options. I don’t have as much experience to weigh the pros and cons, but here are some options.

Terminal Emulators

  • Alacritty - cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
  • iTerm2 - tabs and windows?

Text Editors / Operating Systems