Hobbies shape and define a person. I’ve found a few that keep me occupied, healthy, sharp, and interesting!


Swimming is my passion. Absoutely love it. Dream about it, even.

I started swimming competitively back in high school. Always knew of the Master’s Swimming program, but never joined a team until I found the SF Tsunamis in San Francisco! Probably the best decision of my adult life.

While I do love lap swimming, I realize my own lack of motivation and drive. I enjoy swimming on a team with tough coaches as I need someone shouting at me to remind me there is a stronger, greater me than I realize within. Additionally, coaches oftentimes have their own protips and perspectives from their own years of training.

Poolplaying / Billiards

Poolplaying has been an awesome way to meet people while making productive use of time in a bar-like setting! League billiards, specifically, is what I find most interesting. It’s a brilliant blend of a mental and physcal challenge. Imagine playing a strategic, offensive/defensive game of chess requiring attentiveness and planning in addition to needing pinpoint accuracy and force to execute a strategy. League play also has a set of rules to ensure a fair game among widely accepted standards (ball-in-hand on fouls, call-pocket, loser-buys-drinks).

Shoutout to my buddy Doug for the intro!


Running is a fantastic way to clear the mind.I took up running half marathons for the sole, vain purpose of collecting those medals. I’ve accumulated about 20 of them at this point!

Favorite half marathon is the Livermore Half, hands down! Comes with free entry to the wine festival afterward!

Magic the Gathering

Yooooo! MtG is dope! While I do reaize it is a money sink, building decks with so many different

Shoutout to my homies Cody and Aaron for getting me into it!


Both of my two main hobbies (swimming and poolplaying) were shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I needed a new itch to scratch. A few months before Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit aired, I started playing online at chess.com.

I also induged a new guilty pleasure of watching colorful chess streamers on Twitch. Provided a comfort in what felt like isolating times.

I’m no pro and am actively learning. Come at me! Always down for daily and rapid challenges

Some Backstory

Early Days

I grew up swimming, building LEGOs, and playing video games (namely Dance Dance Revolution). I didn’t realize how imporant that was to my mental health and may have attributed to me thriving through grade school. I was fortunate to have associated myself with like-minded individuals with similar interests and without destructive habits.

Early Adulthood

I lost my way over the years. I began to feel empty. I would go to bars to find other empty, lost, like-minded individuals.

Only in 2019 did I finally realize I needed more from life outside of work and socials. Going out to bars wasn’t enough. I couldn’t equate the experience with being “fun” anymore.

I sought meaningful social engagement.

… will finish this later. getting sleepy. probably better to dive in this in another post